HP 4600 X-Generation ® Magenta toner 190g (8,000 pages)

Item No: 10326


Technical Specifications

Absolute Color® X-Generation toner for use in HP® 4600, 4650 OEM C9722A Magenta
toner cartridge rated at 8,000 pages at 5% coverage of a letter size page.

Compatible with
Canon EP-85, LBP 2510, 2710, 2810, 5500, Imageclass C-2500

Please refer to Uninet R&D ONLINE Technical page to help you troubleshoot
problems like: Background, Light Prints, Vertical Lines, Leaking, Color Tone
discrepancies, etc.

Its is highly recommended by Uninet R&D to replace or at least have in stock not
only Absolute Color® toner, but the OPC drum, Developer roller, Doctor Blade
(with Chemical Coating), PCR Roller, Wiper Blade, Wiper Blade End Felts,
Developer Roller end Felt, Toner Adder Roller Felt, Toner Adder Felt Washer,
Doctor Blade Sealing Foam, Developer Roller Sealing Blade Felts, Toner Adder or
Supply Roller, Drum Axle Retaining Ring, and of course all the other required
parts like seal, chips, pins, etc.