Absolute Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow™ toner carrier for use in Dell 3000, 3100 Cn (4,000 pages), 30g(LIMITED SUPPLIES)

Item No: 5265


Technical Specifications

Smartchip on cartridge (Possibly a non locking device)

When remanufacturing this toner cartridge the customer must USE & MIX both the
Absolute Color toner and carrier sold separately
OEM waste carrier is located at the heavy end of the toner cartridge
Uninet Absolute Black® toners are compatible with the OEM carrier but is not
recommended the reuse of OEM carriers

Recycling instructions:
1-Locate the heavy end of the toner cartridge were the waste carrier box is
2-Locate and remove the waste carrier plug with the cartridge facing up to avoid
spilling waste carrier
3-Remove the used OEM carrier and properly dispose of it
4-Locate and remove the second toner hopper plug located at the end of the waste
hopper bin
5-Clean and vacuum the inside of the toner cartridge both the toner hopper and
carrier waste hopper (Note: make sure not to damage the inside metal contact or
the clear window in the waste hopper)
6-Open Uninet Absolute Color ® toner bottle to be able to d