Superchip™ Universal Extra High Yield for use in Lexmark T/X 646,644, 640, 630 (Worldwide)

Item No: 5110


Technical Specifications

Our T/X 640 Universal Superchip® is Multi-Engine, Multi-Brand, Multi-Model,
Multi-Region, Multi-ApplicationÖ, uses Gold Plated TechnologyÖ and UniSmart

Automatically recognizes T/X 646, 640, and T630 engines,

When installed in a T/X 646, 640, 630 engine the page yield is 32,000 pages.

This SuperchipÖ allows 20 test pages before it writes and locks into a specific
printer, so cartridges can be installed, used and tested from printer to printer
for up to 20 pages.

Works in all Lexmark® T/X 646, 640, 630, engines, licensed brands, models and
applications (except MICR) rround the world, it also works with all encoder
wheels combined with Uninet® SupercomponentsÖ makes the perfect Universal

Is IP protected by US patent N 7088928, 7187874, 7221886, 7254346, 7286774,
7356279, 7551859 and other US and foreign pending patents.

Our T/X 640 Superchips works on 100 different models worldwide.