Absolute Black® toner for use in NEC 2000, EF 3885, 3889, 22 lb (10 Kg) bag

Item No: 5611


Technical Specifications

Toner is the main and most complex recycling component when remaufacturing a
toner cartridge and has inmediate and direct impact on the print performance of
a toner cartridge.

Toner is formulated from many components, additives, charge control agents, and
internal release agents. Also physical properties such as particle size
distribution, triboelectric charge, and melt flow index are taking in
conisderation when developing new toners.

When Uninet R&D department begins the co-development process for our formulating
prototype toner samples, we analized and compare them to OEM standard, and test
the compatibility and component matching with main aftermarket OPC drum brands.
Giving the remanufacturer the flexibility of choosing different OPC drums.

Uninet R&D team considers that QUALITY, CONSISTENCY & FLEXIBILTY on OPC drum
selection, are the most valuable qualities of Uninet Absolute BlackĀ®, Absolute
ColorĀ® and other Uninet toner formulations can offer to the remaunufacturing i