PCR coating cream 2oz., for 120 rollers

Item No: 562


Technical Specifications

UniNet Coating cream, used in conjunction with PCR sealing cream, greatly
extends the life of the PCR by cleaning, sealing, and preserving the PCR. The
coating prevents build up, cracking, and delaminating of the PCR thus
eliminating failure.

1. SHAKE WELL. Apply a few drops of PCR Sealing Cream to a lint-free cloth.
2. Apply PCR Sealing Cream lightly along the axis of the PCR roller in one
direction only. Do nut rub back and forth.
3. Rotate the applicator to a clean area when it turns black, and reapply the
Coating Solution. Repeat Step 2 until roller is clean.
4. With a clean cotton ball immediately wipe off roller. Make sure all residue
is removed from the PCR. Rotate roller during this procedure.