Mag roller bushing (left & right) for use in HP 4000, 4100, 2420, 2400, 2300, 2100, P 3015, 100 sets

Item No: 5898


Technical Specifications

Prevent possible print defects and damage to your drum with UninetÆs mag roller

Bushings play an integral role in setting the development gap in the cartridge
and should conform precisely with the OEM specifications for proper functioning
of the cartridge, also help prevent toner leakage past the mag roller end

UninetÆs HP 4000 mag roller bushings with an exact tight tolerance of + / -
3/10,000 of an inch desinegd and manufactured to OEM specifications, ensure high
performance printing cartridge after cartridge

Additional Uninet replacement products are currently available for the HP 4000

Cartridge metal universal pin (double head foe easy pull)
End cap right
End cap left
Fill plug (toner hopper plug-cap)
Mag roller bushing (left & right)
Mag roller electrical contact (teflon with spring)
Mag roller felt
Mag roller bearing
Mag roller stabilizer
OPC drum hub axle metal pin

OPC drum helical gear axle metal pin
OPC drum shutter door