Inner & outer retaining blade for use in Lexmark Optra T 610, 520, 620, 630, 50 sets

Item No: 5938


Technical Specifications

When cleaning the 4059 hopper with a vacuum or compressed air, it is easy to
damage or dislodge the developer roller sealing blades that are present to
prevent toner leakage. The set comes with 50 inner and 50 outer sealing blades.

Typical print defects are vertical streaking in a variety of patterns. The
Developer Roller Sealing Blade Kit allows fast, accurate blade replacement.

Compatible with
Lexmark® T-630, 632, 634
Dell® M-5200N, W-5300N
IBM® Infoprint 1332, 1352, 1372
Standard Register® PL-4935, 4940, 4945
Toshiba® e-Studio 400P
Unisys® USD-140, 142, 144
Source Tech® IBM® 1332 (25) Normal (non MICR)
Source Tech® IBM 1332, 1352 (35) Normal (non MICR)