PX, VX, PC 720, 940, E 31, E 40 waste hopper recovery blade, 25 pack

Item No: 6306


Technical Specifications

Recovery blades act as a seal between the OPC drum and the waste bin to prevent
toner in the waste bin from leaking past the OPC drum and dropping on to the
paper. This leakage creates a ^sprinkling^ print defect.

Material composition, adhesive performance, dimensional accuracy and edge
quality are all critical to proper functioning of the recovery and waste hopper

Uninet offers mylar-type polyester recovery blades with a high-performance
adhesive is utilized to ensure that the blades are securely affixed to the waste
bin housing.

Uninet recovery and wate hopper blades are packed in a hard cardboard boxed
tinsted of plastic bags to avoid transportation damage.

Defective, bent or damaged recovery or waste hopper blades will create leakeage
on the paper print.