Absolute Black® toner for use in Epson LP 8500, 8400, 310g

Item No: 6528


Technical Specifications

When Uninet® R&D department begins the co-development process for our
formulating prototype toner samples, we analized and compare them to OEM
standard, and test the compatibility and component matching with main
aftermarket OPC drum brands. Giving the remanufacturer the flexibility of
choosing different OPC drums.

Uninet R&D team considers that QUALITY, CONSISTENCY & FLEXIBILTY on OPC drum
selection, are the most valuable qualities of Uninet Absolute Black®, Absolute
Color® and other Uninet toner formulations can offer to the remaunufacturing


Absolute Black® toner image density: 1.40-1.46
Absolute Black® toner yield (pages per 1 gram): 26.82
Absolute Black® toner transfer rate percentage (%): 95.13

Test results were measured under laboratory conditions, at temperatures
oscilating between 22 to 28 degrees Celsius, and a hunimidty below 75%.

on the first
Both OEM and Uninet toners were tested using brand new OEM cartridges and parts