HP 4000, 4100, 2100 Mag roller C bearing (Right), 100 pack

Item No: 6631


Technical Specifications

Uni Part® Mag roller ^C^ bearing (Right) for use in HP® 2100, 2200, OEM C4096A
toner cartridges rated at 5,000 pages at 5% coverage. No Smartchip on toner

Compatible with:
Canon® ImageClass D 660, 760, 761,860, 861, 880
Canon® ImageClass D 760, 680, 780 Digital
Canon® LBP-32XX Series
Canon® L50
Canon® PC 1060, 1080

The HP4000, 2100 Mag Roller Stabilizer is comprised of two parts located at the
end of the mag roller sleeve, the black stabilizer and the ^C^ shape stabilizer

The ^C^ shape bearing supports the gear end of the mag roller sleeve and the
bearing rests within the black color mag roller stabilizer.

If either part bearing or stabilizer are damaged a print interval defect is
likely to occur.