PCR roller for use in Epson LP 8400, 10 pack

Item No: 6688


Technical Specifications

Minimum order 100 units. Delivery time 15 days

Uninet PCRs give you the advantage of immediate turnaround and offer greater
flexibility in managing your PCR inventory without having to send your old PCR
to be recoated.

New PCRs are available for many engine applications with more in development,
offering you the broadest PCR solution in the industry. Our new PCRs are fully
system-qualified and environmentally tested to ensure reliability even in 5%
relative humidity levels. New PCRs are rated at 5 cycles, but cannot be

Old, dried, or damaaged PCR's have poor conductivity causing print defects,
givng grey, light or uneven prints.

DO NOT use alcohol, solvent to clean your PCR, these products DAMAGE the surface
of the PCR!

Use Uninet ^PCR Sealing Cream^ to clean your old PCR.
Uninet PCR SEALING CREM contains, teflon and silicones that clean, lubricates

and rejuvenates PCR surfaces, improving the conductivity of the PCR. The results