Apex® BLACK cartridge Black mag roller sleeve for use in HP 4500, 10 pack

Item No: 6919


Technical Specifications

Uninet offers a mag roller for black toner cartridges the HP4500 ^Absolute
Color^ imaging system.

HP-4500 BLACK mag roller sleeve, also works for the COLOR cartridges, the
reference to ^BLACK^ on the description is due to the fact the the sleeve is of
black color, but it also works on the COLOR cartridges (Cyan, Yellow and

The mag roller has gone through a rigorous quality control process and has been
designed and tested for seamless integration with Uninet's existing products for
the HP4500, assuring consistent and uniform print quality page-after-page.

Uninet Absolute Black mag roller sleeve is your answer to worn or degraded mag
roller sleeves, that play a very important role on the print density on the
imaging system.

Designed and manufactured to the OEM specifications, Uninet new ^Absolute
Black^ mag roller sleeve gives you consistency and uniform print quality you can

New mag roller sleeves also l
rely on page-after-page and cartridge-after-cartridge.