Mag roller sleeve for use in HP 8100, 8150, 8000, WX BLACK, 10 pack

Item No: 7100


Technical Specifications

Uninet Absolute Black mag roller sleeve is your answer to worn or degraded mag
roller sleeves, that play a very important role on the print density on the
imaging system.

Designed and manufactured to the OEM specifications, Uninet new ^Absolute
Black^ mag roller sleeve gives you consistency and uniform print quality you can
rely on page-after-page and cartridge-after-cartridge.

New mag roller sleeves also let you order today and use tomorrow - no recoating,
no waiting, no down time, and no lost revenue.

Worn or degraded mag rollers produce uneven horizontal print defects with a
repetition intervals varing from 32 mm on AX, PX, VX, E-16, E-31, of 51 mm on
SX, EX, NX, LX, HP-2100, HP-4000, of 54 mm WX, HP-8000 to 63 mm on BX, JX
cartridges. Other engines might have different defect intervals depending on the
diameter of the sleeve.

Do NOT use water, degreasers, isopropil alcohol, solvents , mag roller cleaning
or touch the NEW mag roller coated surface with your h