Apex® COLOR sponge toner adder supply roller for use in HP 4500, 10 pack

Item No: 7428


Technical Specifications

Minimum order 10 units. Delivery time 15 days

Two types of foam toner adder rollers can be found in OEM HP4500 color
cartridges. Some cartridges contain a ribbed surface roller, while others use a
smooth surface roller. Our research has determined that ribbed toner adder
rollers are not compatible with any aftermarket toner that is currently
available on the market.

Replace any ribbed rollers with StaticÆs HP4500 smooth toner adder rollers. Our
smooth adder rollers are fully compatible with aftermarket toners and wonÆt
cause the print problems associated with ribbed rollers.

ôHP4500 Ribbed Toner Adder Rollers Not Compatible with Aftermarket Toner, Print
Problems Caused!!