Universal Clear Seal Tape Lid with silicone padding, 1,000 pack (special order)

Item No: 8123


Technical Specifications

Universal NO adhesive Clear Seal tape to seal printheads on ink jet cartridges
recommended for all HP 14A, 15A, 40A, 26A, 45A ink jet cartridges, specially
recommended for HP 23A, 25A, 49A, 41A, 78A Tricolor cartridges

* One size fits all black and color inkjet cartridges
* Air tight seal - Prevents inkjet cartridge printhead ink drying
* Transparent see through inkjet seal
* Apply to wet or dry inkjet cartridge nozzle plate
* Quick application - no equipment needed

Installation instructions;

1. Clean both sides of inkjet cartridge with plastic friendly cleaner applied
to a towel;
(Adhesive will not bond to moist or oily surfaces.)
2. Remove release liner from inkjet seal;
(Separate release liner from tape beginning from behind finger pull.)
3. Roll inkjet seal on to nozzle plate (figure A) and hold seal compressed
against nozzle plate;
(Placing the seal directly down onto the nozz