Wiper blade for use in Sharp JX 9600, 9400, 10 pack (inventory close out)

Item No: 8351


Technical Specifications

Uninet replacement CanonĀ® or OEM type wiper blades feature an OEM-style molded
profile polyurethane member for optimum drum cleaning and durability.

The wiper blade continuously cleans from the drum any residual toner that is not
transferred to the paper in the imaging process.

Most Canon-type laser engine wiper blades feature a molded profile, with a
reduced thickness, tapered contact edge. Wiper blade surface finish, cut-edge
quality, hardness, and dimensional accuracy are all critical to proper

Worn wiper blades will allow residual toner on the drum to be transferred to the
paper showing vertical line defects or in some cases grey background.

Old or yellowish color wiper blade have hard edge and surface surface, that will
scratch the OPC drum.

Is recommended to replace the wiper blades every time the OPC drum is replaced
polyurethane part of the blad
to protect your investment,and or if you can notice a yellowish color on the