Doctor blade for use in Xerox N 2025, 2825, 10 pack(limited supplies)

Item No: 8427


Technical Specifications

Uninet replacement doctor blades feature complete compliance to OEM performance
specifications and are fully system-qualified in our R&D laboratories
guaranteeing your cartridge performance.

Polyurethane doctor blades both regulate the amount of toner available on the
magnetic developer roller, and help triboelectrically charge the toner so that
it properly develops the image on the OPC drum.

Doctor Blade surface finish, hardness and dimensional accuracy are all critical
to proper functioning.

Worn doctor blades will allow excesive toner on the drum to be transferred to
the paper showing print defects.

Is recommended to replace the wiper blades every time the Mag roller sleeve is
replaced and/or if you can notice a yellowish color on the polyurethane part of
the blade.