Developer roller end felt for use in HP 5500, EP 86, (Left & Right), 50 sets (special order)(under development)

Item No: 9151


Technical Specifications

Mag/Developer roller felts line the saddles where the Mag/Developer roller rests
in the hopper, providing a seal at the ends of the mag roller.

WARNING! Be aware that:
Worn felts cause toner leakage at the ends of the mag roller, resulting in lines
or shading at the edge of the page.

Some aftermarket Mag/Developer roller felts do not have the proper oli lubricant
that prevent mag roller sleeve friction and cause burn smell odor.
Some aftermarket Mag/Developer roller felt contain excevise lint on the felt
surface, that go into the toner developing unit causing printing problems.

Uninet Mag/Developer roller felts are designed and manufactured to meet OEM

NOMEX high density felt (lint free surface)
High temperature resistant dhesive backing (for easy instalation)
High temperatue resistant lubricant oil (to help prevent mag roller friction)