X Generation® Toner is our premium quality-toner brand, and the latest innovation in chemical color technology providing stronger solids, brighter OEM-style colors, and higher page yield with a glossy finish that is hard to duplicate with conventional toners.

Absolute Color® and Absolute Black® are UNINET high-quality toners offering consistent and vibrant quality colors. The best in high-density monochrome and color toners in the market.

UNINET Absolute Color® and Absolute Black® toners are also available in a wide variety of formulations which include: magnetic, non-magnetic, dual-component, positive, negative, and polyester.

UNINET offers premium quality Absolute MICR toner (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition), exclusively formulated for printing checks, guarantees trouble-free performance, meets banking industry check clearing systems/standards, and follows ANSI/ABA specifications.

The best in high-density COLOR Inks. UNINET'S innovative inks offer consistent and vibrant quality colors.


UNINET Smartchips™ offers a vast selection of custom quality chip solutions for remanufacturing color, monochrome, and MFP toner cartridges. A wide range of styles includes RF (Radio-Frequency), Small-Format, Contact, Low and High Yield, varying on engine specification. UniNet Smartchips™ are RoHS compliant, stealthware, and IP protected, and offer total emulation at a low failure rate.

Universal Superchips® presents state-of-the-art chip technology that works in over 100 different Lexmark models worldwide, offering limitless benefits, including multi-application, multi-brand, multi-model, multi-engine, multi-region, cross-functional yield™, and gold-plated technology. Universal Superchips® is the most complete Lexmark replacement chip on the market.

ASiC Smartchips®, for select HP, Canon, and Samsung Encrypto engines, are replacement chips that have the look, technology, and functionality of OEM chips, applying ASiC technology (Application Specific Integrated Circuit), and introduce a hassle-free, no components “SoC” (system-on-a-chip) making them more reliable than other chips that depend on various components, thereby reducing the margin of error.

Smartcard™ is UNINET'S first security cards solution to low-end MFPs and fax machines. The most innovative solution for the high-level security cards found on the latest OEM MFP and fax machine models. Smartcard™ is a not a card, but a custom-designed micro-controller circuit using patent-pending technology that fully emulates and is equivalent to OEM high-security cards.


SuMMiT® Drum is UNINET'S superior quality OPC, and THE solution for TRUE remanufacturers. "it's all about the coating!" - made with Multi-Cycle Coating Technology and STMC Tested.

Unidrum™ is a quality OPC, available in three coatings for efficient system matching: Blue, Green, and OEM-Style varying on engine manufacturer specification.


Uniblades™ introduces a wide selection of doctor blades made of polyurethane, stainless steel, and copper. Also available are wiper blades, recovery blades, and sealing blades.

Unirollers™ offers a choice of aluminum or stainless steel magnetic roller sleeves, rubber or silicone developer rollers, hard or soft PCR, and adder rollers, to name a few.


UNINET presents a variety of high-quality plastic cartridge parts ranging from waste hopper conversion kits, foams, felts, pins, end caps, gears, and shutters, and more!

Get the most from your components with Unicoatings and chemical cleaning solutions for magnetic rollers, PCR, and OPC drums!